Nationwide graduation rate tops 80%, Jennifer DePaoli of Civic Enterprises reports

Jennifer DePaoli, education advisor at Civic Enterprises, talks high school graduation rates.

For the first time in US history, the nation’s high school graduation rate has skyrocketed past 80% according to the 2014 Building a Grad Nation released by Civic Enterprises, a research organization that writes policy briefs and in depth reports on a wide variety of issues.

While more than eight in 10 public high school students are graduating on time, the report shows more good news: the number of students enrolled in dropout factories has dropped nearly 50 percent over the last decade and students of color have led the way in increasing graduation rates, all the while these increases come as standards to graduate have gotten tougher.

Jennifer DePaoli, an education advisor at Civic Enterprises, tells Hofstra’s Morning Wake Up Call more about the study.

‘Breaking Free’ Author Winter Page, teen LGBTQ activist

'Breaking Free' author Winter Page

‘Breaking Free’ author Winter Page

My Hofstra’s Morning Wake Up Call co-host Neil Carousso and I interviewed teen LGBT activist and newly published author of the novel ‘Breaking Free’ Winter Page this morning about her new book, her inspiration and how teens today are coping with online bullying and intolerance against the LGBT community.

‘Breaking Free’ is set in high school. The main character, Raimi Carter, is a transgendered teen who finds love with a young lesbian.