Hofstra’s National Public Health Week aims to address at-risk communities on Long Island

publichealth-week-2015Public health problems do not stop at the city line. The Long Island suburbs are often thought to struggle less with public health issues, but that is merely the perception, not reality of life in every suburb. Higher income areas are very healthy, but pockets of at-risk communities have very poor access to services.

Hofstra’s celebration of National Public Health Week continues today with the Minority Health Conference, which aims to combat these issues with a three part conference featuring an academic panel with local health department administrators, a documentary film contest for students and a health fair of local service providers.

Check out my interview with Dr Corinne Kyriacou, director of the Master in Public Health Program at Hofstra where she talks about how we can help underserved communities on Long Island.

[audio https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/191633883/HMWC%20Interviews/Corrine%20Kyriacou%2C%20NPHW%202015%20Fair%2C%204.16.15.mp3]

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