How do you get your news?

The digital divide between Millenials and Generation X-ers is beginning to close according to new research from the Pew Center.

For example, the rates of use for the internet are comparable, 49 percent of Gen X-ers are going digital, as are 43 percent of Millennials.

But there is still deviation around so called traditional forms of media, with Millennials watching TV, listening to the radio and reading newspapers in smaller amounts than their Generation X colleagues.

Graduate journalism student Anishaa Kumar, 26, is a Millennial with Generation X leanings. An active Twitter user, the Hofstra student prefers to get her news in print.

“I am a very traditional person when it comes to news. I would definitely prefer print, but unfortunately access to print is not like what it was earlier,” said Kumar.

News Media

News Media, photo credit to Sal Falko

Hofstra graduate journalism student Valentine Francois, 34, echoes Kumar’s sentiment. As a part of Generation X, she still prefers the legacy media.

“I still read the newspaper because that’s what I trust. I’m an old school kind of girl; I don’t care about the opinions on Facebook, or the re-tweets or what’s going on on twitter,” said Francois. “I know it’s the popular thing, but day in and day out, I get my coffee, read my newspaper just like all the old people do.”

Where Francois prefers a simpler news experience, Hofstra junior journalism major Samantha Sedlack sees minutes of her day being wasted.

In age where news updates can be accessed online immediately, reading a physical newspaper can be a cumbersome and time consuming experience for millennials. It’s also cheaper to get news online.

“I don’t have the time, and I don’t want to pay to subscribe to these newspapers because I’m in college and broke. So Twitter’s much easier since I can just read the 140 characters and then if I’m interested in the story I can click on the link and then read the whole article,” said Sedlack.

News organizations clearly and correctly see digital readership as imperative to their survival. But again, this data from the Pew Center suggests that expectations have to be modest with respect to building a mass audience.


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